Personal Shopping Service (PSS) is a service we extend to our customers where we will bring our NiQUA Products to your pre arrange location. We can go to your home, your office or even an event for a special occasion. The PSS can be shared with your BFFs, your special someone as a gift or just for your own connivence and avoid going out altogether.

PSS has a Service Fee which can we waived if the minimum order amount is consumed.

  • Metro Manila PSS Fee is P500, minimum order amount is P10,000

  • Laguna, Cavite and Bulacan PSS Fee is P1,000, minimum order amount is P20,000.

Products: Since we have a wide selection of products, you may nominate 5 to 10 bag designs and 10 designs of our footwear. We can also book your Bespoke orders our during scheduled PSS visit.

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