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Guide to designing your Bespoke Tote

NiQUAs new Bespoke Tote lets you choose how you want your bag to look like with these easy steps:

Step 1: Choose your tote’s body. We’ve got landscape, portrait, or square. Don’t know which body shape is perfect for you? We’ve got that covered here

Step 2: Choose your tote’s handle style and handle drop.

Step 3: Make your Bespoke Tote even more functional and organized with an added front pocket

Step 4: For extra security, added a zipper

Step 5: Add an internal pocket and choose your lining

Step 6: For extra convenience, include a strap

Step 7: Make it your own with a monogram {Select 1 to 10 letters/characters}

Choosing your tote’s body

Are you a woman who prefers the easy access afforded by the landscape {horizontal style}, would you rather have the added security and deep storage provide by the portrait {vertical style}, or why not get a little bit of both with a square shaped tote?

Choosing your totes handle style and handle drop

Style selection of bag handles fall on personal preference while selecting the right handle drop is a matter of lifestyle choices. Currently you can select a drop of 4- 5 inches if you prefer a handheld tote, the 6- 7 inches works best for those who favor the arm sling, while an 8-10 inch drop makes for the perfect shoulder bag drop length. To measure the handle drop, start at the bag’s top center, measuring to the handle or straps peak.

Adding Pockets

Make your tote even more functional by adding a pocket. There are four pocket designs to choose from with Pocket D a favorite inclusion that works well with our lining choices.

Selecting a Zipper

Security is a common concern and the best way to make your Bespoke Tote safe is to add a zipper. Please be reminded that the addition of leather and metal materials of our zippers will add to the weight of your bag

Including Straps

Depending on personal preference, functionality, and style, users may also opt to include a cross body strap to their Bespoke Tote design. What makes this strap a must have is the added convenience of “wearing” your bag especially when you need your hands free for other things.

The Bespoke Tote short shoulder strap on the other hand is the perfect add on if you’re the type who likes to have her bag fall just above the waist line.

*note: we advise that users who opt to include a strap should also consider a zipper to keep your tote and its contents safe and secure.

a handle drop of 6 inches or below is highly recommended when placing an order for short shoulder straps {except for handle A & handle C as these are slouchy} this is to keep the bag from looking to busy when the short shoulder strap is in use.


Nothing makes a tote personalised than the addition of monograms. Whether it be a simple set of initials or a 10 character name, monograms add that touch of elegance and completes the essence of any Bespoke Tote.

Ready to for your own Bespoke Tote? Order yours now! Click here

More on our DIY Workshop

Check out the video by Jam Pangilinan.

Peak from our DIY Bespoke Workshop

Here are some photos from our DIY Workshop for our friends from the Press last Oct 29. Thank you so much for our partners Craft Party, Early Bird Breakfast Club, Green Solar, Juice Hut Manila, Haute Flora, and Takatack for making this workshop a success.

IMG_9999 IMG_9987 IMG_9978 IMG_9971 IMG_9965 IMG_0351 IMG_9941 IMG_9948 IMG_9951 IMG_9953 IMG_0344 IMG_0342 IMG_0334 IMG_0321 IMG_0257 IMG_0261 IMG_0266 IMG_0297 IMG_0317 IMG_0226 IMG_0221 IMG_0208 IMG_0195 IMG_0109 IMG_0165 IMG_0178 IMG_0181 IMG_0193 IMG_0101 IMG_0083 IMG_0054 IMG_0030 IMG_0012 IMG_0005 IMG_0008 IMG_0010

Make your own leather clutch at Ni QUA’s pop-up shop

DIY Bespoke Your Ni QUA lets you make your own clutch.


If our home economics teacher gave us pieces of leather to turn into pretty clutches, we would’ve most likely aced our sewing lessons (why would a 12-year-old be eager to sew a throw pillow?). This was what we realized after spending a day putting together a leather clutch at the DIY Bespoke Your NiQUA workshop at their pop-up shop in Century City Mall.

For P1,800, you will be given a kit that will let you make your own bag from start to finish—perforated, pre-cut buttery leather rectangles, thread and screw-on fasteners—it’s like a more fun, grown-up version of paint-by-numbers, except you get a handy purse after.
The best part? There’s a debossing machine at the pop-up shop so you can also have your handmade clutch monogrammed with your initials. The workshop will be until November 1 and it’s a great way to spend the weekend with your friends, mom, or titas. There’s a reservation form on their website, but walk-ins are welcome, too.

We made one today and it’s so addictive that we want to go back this weekend to make more clutches—it’s also a great Christmas present for a loved one, and the cut of the clutch is basic enough that it can even be used by men if you pick dark-colored leather.
You can also check out Ni QUA’s other bag styles at the pop-up shop, too. One of the biggest selling points of the brand is their willingness to customize and tweak existing designs according to your preference. “We have two different kinds of customization: Bespoke Your Ni QUA and Color Your Ni QUA,” says owner and designer Bunnie de Guzman. Bespoke lets you play around with existing designs; you can turn a solid-colored bag into a two-toned bag, choose between a short or shoulder handle based on your lifestyle—you can even pick the color of the bag’s hardware. Color Your Ni QUA, meanwhile, lets you select a color from 15 available leather swatches.

SCARTE repurposes scraps of leather and 50% of proceeds of the sale benefits Real Life Foundation.


DIY Bespoke Your Ni QUA and the pop-up shop will be at Century Mall until November 1. In case you’re out of town, don’t worry, Ni QUA has plans to hold another one soon, and according to Bunnie, you can also buy the DIY leather clutches as kits that you can give away to your stylish and crafty friends this Christmas.
To know more about Ni QUA, visit and follow them on Instagram: @niquashop.

Source: Lifestyle Inquirer

Craft and Share

by: Jam Pangilinan

After our successful Workshop Party, we followed it right away with a collaboration with Nica Cosio and Mia Sison of Craft Party PH for a morning of fun and DIY-ing our way to creativity!