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Bespoke Satchel

Bespoke your NiQUA Satchel allows you to essentially design your own satchel bag. This bag will be made from 100% genuine leather. Check out our video to help you design your own Bespoke Satchel.

Ni QUA Bespoke Leather Tote by Cat Juan-Ledesma

It’s not often the husband compliments my accessories, but he certainly appreciated my Ni QUA bespoke leather tote when I took it out for a spin. I think I heard him say, “that’s a really nice bag.” At least three times.

If you’re interested in making your own or are inspired by my design, head to Ni QUA and they’ll tell you exactly what I did to make this beauty.

Here are the other bespoke totes designed by the Baby Barangay girls!

Guide to designing your Bespoke Tote

NiQUAs new Bespoke Tote lets you choose how you want your bag to look like with these easy steps:

Step 1: Choose your tote’s body. We’ve got landscape, portrait, or square. Don’t know which body shape is perfect for you? We’ve got that covered here

Step 2: Choose your tote’s handle style and handle drop.

Step 3: Make your Bespoke Tote even more functional and organized with an added front pocket

Step 4: For extra security, added a zipper

Step 5: Add an internal pocket and choose your lining

Step 6: For extra convenience, include a strap

Step 7: Make it your own with a monogram {Select 1 […]

More on our DIY Workshop

Check out the video by Jam Pangilinan.

Peak from our DIY Bespoke Workshop

Here are some photos from our DIY Workshop for our friends from the Press last Oct 29. Thank you so much for our partners Craft Party, Early Bird Breakfast Club, Green Solar, Juice Hut Manila, Haute Flora, and Takatack for making this workshop a success.

Make your own leather clutch at Ni QUA’s pop-up shop

DIY Bespoke Your Ni QUA lets you make your own clutch.


If our home economics teacher gave us pieces of leather to turn into pretty clutches, we would’ve most likely aced our sewing lessons (why would a 12-year-old be eager to sew a throw pillow?). This was what we realized after spending a day putting together a leather clutch at the DIY Bespoke Your NiQUA workshop at their pop-up shop in Century City Mall.

For P1,800, you will be given a kit that will let you make your own bag from start to finish—perforated, pre-cut buttery leather rectangles, thread […]